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Board of Directors

Beside its Chairman, the following persons are in Grameen Shikkha Board of Directors.

Nurjahan Begum

Managing Director, Grameen Shikkha

Ms. Nurjahan Begum worked as Acting Managing Director of Grameen Bank (GB) when its founder Professor Muhammad Yunus left the bank in 2011. She is also serving in the boards of several organizations like Grameen Trust, Grameen Shakti, Grameen Knitwear, Grameen Kalyan, Grameen Healthcare Services Ltd., Grameen Telecom, Grameen Distribution Ltd., and Center for Mass Education in Science (CMES), Bangladesh. She was awarded the Susan M. Davis Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008 by Grameen Foundation. She was also awarded the World Summit Millennium Development Goals Award 2009 and the Vision Award 2009. She participated in the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit held in Los Angeles in 2007 and was appointed president to the Foundation for Justice Prize giving ceremony held in Valencia, Spain in 2007. Ms. Nurjahan has been working as Managing Director of Grameen Shikkha since Shikkha was founded in 1997.


Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim
Dr. Ibrahim, a renowned educationist of Bangladesh, is founder of Center for Mass Education in Science (CMES), Bangladesh. A pioneer in science education especially for disadvantaged adolescent girls in rural Bangladesh, Dr. Ibrahim is also working as Member in a number of Non-Government Organizations in Bangladesh.

M. Shahjahan
Mr. M. Shahjahan, a Chartered Accountant and currently working as Acting Managing Director of Grameen Bank, has been working with Grameen for more than three decades. He has headed the Central Accounts and Monitoring & Evaluation departments of Grameen Bank for nearlly a decade since 2003. He is also working as director in several companies in the Grameen family.

Nazneen Sultana
Ms. Nazneen has been working as Managing Director of Grameen Communications since 1997 when GC was founded by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. She is also working as director in several companies in the Grameen family.

Professor Salma Khan
Former Ambassador and Chairperson of CEDAW, Professor Salma Khan is one of the distinguished educationists, social workers and women leaders of Bangladesh.

Mohammad Ehsanul Bari
Mr. Ehsanul Bari has been working in Grameen since 1980. Currently working as managing director of Grameen Agriculture Foundation and Grameen Fisheries and Livestock Foundation, Mr. Bari has been long associated with microcredit and development of fisheries and livestock programs for the rural poor. He has keen interest in small holder dairy and poultry, various ruminants farming, and improving the bargaining power and sustainable livelihood of small holders through enhancement of productivity and market access. He is also working in the field of nutrition and food security as Social Business and environment friendly eco-system through development of bio-digester plant. His specialization is project development and social development.

Shireen Pervin Huq
Ms. Shireen Huq is a women's rights activist working on gender, human rights, and development. She is a founder member of Naripokkho, a leading women's rights organisation in Bangladesh, and of Moulik Odhikar Shurokkha Committee (Committee for the Protection of Fundamental Rights) in Bangladesh. She is Honorary Coordinator of the Women’s Health Rights Advocacy Partnership project focusing on women’s SRHR, in the south-western coastal districts of Bangladesh through claiming accountability of service providers in public hospitals. Eeducated at the University of Dhaka, the Evergreen State College in the USA and the University of Sussex in UK, Ms. Shireen is also an active member of the Advisory Committee of the International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific on whose behalf she has conducted training on CEDAW, workshops on the preparation of Shadow/Alternative Reports and facilitated consultations on the CEDAW Committee’s Concluding Observations in different parts of the world. From 1987-2006 she worked as an advisor to DANIDA in Bangladesh on women’s development, poverty reduction and human rights.

All members of the Grameen Shikkha Board of Directors including its Chairperson Professor Muhammad Yunus have been working for Shikkha on a voluntary basis. They do not accept any honorarium or any other benefit from Shikkha.


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